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Video Poker versus Slot Machines




Video poker and Slot Machines is undoubtedly the easiest casino games played around the world, by players of all kinds. Both of them are stand alone machines and there are no dealers involved in the games. Both Slots and Video Poker are machine games with a payout screen and bet buttons.

Given below are few similarities and differences between Video Poker and Slots Machines:





The first and foremost similarity is that they look similar and both machines are controlled with the help of coins. The game play for both of these games is quite similar, as players play on screen with payout chart and bet buttons. Both Video poker and slot machines offer the players with a Hooper for their winnings in the form of coins or for the newer versions in a ticket form.


Both Slot Machines and Video Poker function on Random Numbers Generator. The machine still acquires a sequence of random numbers, even when no player is playing them. This sequence of randomly generated numbers is similar to the wheel of fortune.





The random numbers made within them is an important element which makes the Video Poker and the Slot Machines different. For the slot machines, random number generator is programmed for paying out a percentage of the money which runs through at a fixed percentage, generally about 83% to 97%. It is not easy to establish slot machine’s payout percentage by just looking at it.


The Random Number Generator for the Video Poker machine duplicates a deck of 52 cards and for some poker variations it is 53. The chance of receiving any card is pretty much the same as it would be for the player who is dealing a genuine deck. As, a player can mathematically determine the chances of receiving every hand and since the payouts are mainly decided by the hands a player gets, a player can try and guess the Video Poker machine payback percentage.   


Following are some of the other difference between video poker and slot machines-

  • A casino has to reprogram the Random Number Generator if they are looking to alter their payout percentage on the Slot Machine. But on the contrary, it is quite simple to alter the payout percentage on the video poker.
  • The proficiency of the player really matters a lot in Video Poker but the player’s proficiency does not make any difference on the Slot Machines.

  • A positive anticipation is feasible at the Video Poker machine but it cannot be said for the slot machines.

  • If the players play with an effective strategy, a Video Poker machine is capable of offering payout percentage from 97% onwards. As for the Slot Machine, the payout schedule starts from 91% onwards.