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Video Poker is a famous casino game played in every casino around the world. Earlier the players use to travel to any casino for playing Video Poker but now with online Video Poker the players can enjoy playing their favorite game from the comfort of their own home. Video Poker is a game which has originated from two famous casino games- Slots and Video Poker. The first Video Poker machine was developed in 1970 by Dale Electronics but the real advancement was bought in 1979 by SIRCOMA (now IGT) who developed Draw Poker, an advanced Video Poker machine.


Video Poker is a game played on the machines so this is important for the players to know the machines they are playing on are reliable or not. These days all the renowned online casinos offering Video Poker have Random Number Generators to ensure that all the cards are dealt randomly. When the game is not being played the Random Number Generators runs hundreds of times every second. There are approximately 16,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible outcomes with RNG. There are many gambling groups like Nevada Gaming Control which ensures that the casinos are using the unbiased software.

Unlike other casino games in which the players have to compete against other players, Video Poker is a casino game in which the player plays alone against the machine without any player’s hand to beat and no dealer’s hand. Royal Flush and pair of Jacks or Better are the highest and lowest winning hands in Video Poker respectively. These days the video poker machines that are being used are basically the different variations of five-card poker. Constant efforts are being made to introduce new machines that are based on seven card stud. The machines that are in use these days have a video screen on which the different cards are dealt. Mostly all the Video Poker machines have the pay tables on the screen.


The Video Poker screen is similar in both the offline and online casinos. The option of credit which has all winnings of the player’s credit is available on the screen of the machine. The left side of the Video Poker screen has ‘Cash Out’ and ‘Bet One Credit’ buttons. The centre of the screen has the five cards dealt by the system with the option of ‘Hold/Cancel’ corresponding to each card. The right side of the screen has ‘Deal/Draw’ and ‘Bet Max’ buttons.  



How Video Poker Machines work


The game begins when the player makes a bet by pressing the ‘Bet’ button. The player can make a single bet or make five bets at a time by hitting the ‘Bet Max’ button. After the players have made the bet five cards with face up are dealt by the system. The player has the option to hold or discard the cards according to their choice. A player needs to hit the ‘Hold/Cancel’ button for holding the cards and the player hits the same button to cancel the cards which has chosen to hold. After finalizing which cards to hold the player hits the ‘Deal/Draw’ button. The held cards will remain the same and the unheld cards will be replaced by the new cards. These will be the final cards which will be compared by the system to its pay tables. The system will decide whether there is any winning hand or not. If there will be any winning hand then the credit will be added to the players account.