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Double Joker Video Poker




Video Poker is an interesting game in which the players do not compete against others players instead they play alone against the system without any distractions. Double Joker Video Poker is a unique and enticing variant of Video Poker enjoyed by all kind of players. The most exciting thing about Double Joker is that it includes two jokers which are used as wild cards by the players.



Objective of the game


The objective of Double Joker Video Poker is to end the game with the strongest hand. The payout on the completion of the game depends upon the rank of the hand that the player is holding.



Rules to play Double Joker video poker


Double Joker Video Poker is played with 54 card deck which includes two jokers. The jokers in Double Joker are used as wild cards which can take the value of any card to get a winning combination. The lowest winning combination in Double Joker is two pairs and the highest payout is a Natural Royal Flush. Double Joker is a simple game in which the player starts by making a bet. The player is presented with five cards from which the player has to choose which cards he wants to hold and which he wants to discard. After this the player presses the ‘Draw/Deal’ button through which the unheld cards are replaced with the new cards. When all the cards are dealt the system selects the player’s best winning hand which can be two pairs or better. After the player is paid according to the payout he can start with a new hand.



Poker hands in Double Joker video poker


Video Poker

Two Pairs

Video Poker

Three of a Kind

Video Poker

Four of a Kind

Video Poker

Five of a Kind

Video Poker


Video Poker


Video Poker

Straight Flush

Video Poker

Natural Royal Flush

Video Poker

Joker Royal Flush

Video Poker

Full House



Strategies for playing Double Joker video poker

In Double Joker video poker if a player gets all the unsuited low cards they prefer to discard all of them and play with the fresh cards. But when it comes to strategizing while playing this game, the player can even use low hands for getting an improved hand. For e.g. if a player gets Queen of Diamonds/ King of Spades/ 2 of Hearts/ /3 of Hearts/ 7 of Spades in his initial deal, then he should opt to hold the 2 and 3 of hearts. This step is helpful for the player as holding a King and Queen would have been beneficial only if there had been a pair of Jacks or better which could help to make a winning hand. But in this case the value of these cards is not very helpful and the King/Queen can possibly be enhanced to two pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, straight or full house. Holding 2 and 3 of hearts helps the player to have an opportunity of getting Flush and Straight Flush. This implies holding 2 and 3 of hearts is a better and wise decision then holding King and Queen.


Payout Tables


Payout for Double Joker video poker for minimum and maximum bet on each hand offers is as follows: Two Pairs (minimum 1 and maximum 5), Three of a kind (minimum 2 and maximum 10), Four of a kind (minimum 8 and maximum 40), Five of a kind (minimum 50 and maximum 250), Straight (minimum 3 and maximum 15), Straight Flush (minimum 25 and maximum 125), Flush (minimum 4 and maximum 20), Natural Royal Flush (minimum 500 and maximum 4000), Joker Royal Flush (minimum 100 and maximum 500), Full House (minimum 5 and maximum 25).