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Six common Video Poker Errors




Video poker is a prominent game played in both online and offline casino. With the growing technology Video Poker has gained a great popularity among the players. Now the players can enjoy online Video Poker and win huge money through it by sitting at home. Video Poker is one of the best casino games as due to the lower house edge the players can get over 100 percent payout in this game. For winning big the players need to have thorough knowledge of the game but sometimes the best video poker players tend to make the same mistakes as the new players, hence lowering their chances of winning. Below given are some of the common mistakes made by the players while playing Video Poker-


Players avoid playing with five coins


Every video poker pay table has huge payouts for five coins bet. Commonly the royal flush pay out 250 coins for a one coin bet, 500 coins for a two coin bet, 750 coins for a three coin bet, 1000 coins for a four coin bet and the five coin bet pays out 4000 coins. This implies that the payout for five coin bet is higher than the other smaller bets. Hence the five coin bet lowers the house edge and increases the payout of the game.


Choosing and playing wrong games


In Video Poker the players have the benefit of calculate the accurate expected return on the game they choose to play. Through this information the players can easily calculate the variant which has the highest payout and play the same.


Using wrong strategies


Video Poker is a game which requires skills and strategies for winning. But many players make the mistake of playing and investing money in the game without having the right knowledge of the strategies. If there is minor mistake in using the strategy then the players can loose 1-2% off of the maximum payout percentage. These days there are lot of free video poker strategy charts available online which can be easily used by the players to get the right information about the odds and strategies of the game.


Not financing properly


It is important for a new player or a professional player to hold the sufficient bankroll. The player can even bust in a game with 100% return if he doesn’t have enough money on hand. It is better for a player to know his proficiency in the game before betting the money in the game. The player should less if he is a learner as he has time for the improvement in the skills which can enhance his winnings.


Playing without practicing


These days many online casinos and websites offer players with free video poker games. The new players have this benefit to practice Video Poker before starting playing the real-game and investing money. The players can practice different variants of Video Poker online and after gaining expertise can play in the real-mode.


Holding Irrelevant Cards

This mistake is made by many new players that they keep on holding a card that is not helping to make any jackpot. They believe that by holding any certain card they can get a better hand instead it is better that they release all the cards and push the draw button with a hope to get a better hand may be a royal flush.