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Video Poker is a popular variant of Poker which is based on the original five-card version. Like Poker has numerous variations Video Poker also has various variations. All the variations of Video Poker have a common aim of providing fun and entertainment to the players. Like very casino game Video Poker also has its own important terms. Some of them are given below-


Ace-High – The hand having an ace.


Bank Roll – The intact amount of money that a player is willing to gamble at a given period.


Bet One- An option on Video Poker machine through which the player can make a bet of one coin.


Bet Max- An option on Video Poker machine through which a player with one click can make bet of five coins.


Bicycle- It is also known as wheel. This is a straight to the five- ace, two, three, four and five.


Bullets- It is also called Pocket Rockets and American Airlines. This is a pair of Aces.


Cash Out- This is an option on Video Poker machine which returns the money in the machine to the current balance.


Cowboy- it is a king card.


Deal- This option deals new card except for the cards that the player has decided to hold.


Deuces Wild Poker- It is a popular variation of Video Poker in which the deuces are used as wild cards.


Flush- It is a winning hand with 5 cards of the same suit.


Four (4) of a Kind – It is a winning hand with 4 cards of the same suit.


Hold- This option is used by the players to keep the cards that they want.


Jacks or Better – A variant of Video Poker which pays for a pair of Jacks or better like Aces, Kings and Queens.


Joker Poker- In this variant of Video Poker, Joker is a wild card.


Ladies- It is a queen card.


Royal Flush- Royal Flush is a video poker hand having a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of one suit.


Straight- A video Poker hand having five cards with consecutive ranks.


Straight flush- A Video Poker hand having five cards with the same suit with consecutive ranks.


Wild Card- One card of the hand that can be used as any rank and suit as the player wants.