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History of Video Poker




Pre History


Video Poker is a famous casino game which is an amalgamation of two popular games- poker and slot machines. Video Poker is a fun game having the excitement of slots and strategies of poker. Video Poker has originated from the 5 card game of poker. Poker is believed to be originated in America in the mid -1800s. Sittman and Pitt in 1891 at New York designed the first slot machine which used 50 card symbols across 5 drums. In this the player on pulling a lever received a poker hand of five cards through which the winnings were determined. On hitting a poker hand the players used to win drinks or cigars.


Around 1898, Charles Fey, also known as Father of Slot Machine, made several improvements in the poker machine by adding a card bell through which offered the players with automatic payout cash prizes. In 1901, he developed a poker machine called Skill Draw with a hold feature through which the players could improve their poker hand by holding one or more cards and re-spinning the reaming cards.  



Casino Video Poker


Dale Electronics introduced the first electronic poker machine known as Poker Matic in 1970. The electronic machine became popular in all the casinos in Las Vegas.  In 1979 a company called SIRCOMA which is now known as IGT, introduced Draw Poker, a new video poker machine. Having all the required potential Draw Poker became was admired more than Poker Matic.  The actual advancement in video poker machines was bought by Draw Poker.



Online Poker


With the introduction of Internet, in 1990 Microgaming created the first online video poker machine. The online video poker offered the player with great advantages as they could sit at their homes and enjoy playing this game at whatever hours they preferred. The online casinos offered wide variety of games in comparison to the traditional land-based casinos. The games that can be found online are- Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better and All American. The casinos having Microgaming software introduced Progressive jackpots linked with the games.



Mobile Video Poker   


Now days with the advancement in technology the players can enjoy playing video poker anytime and anywhere by connecting to the online casinos through their mobile phones.