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All about Progressive Jackpot Video Poker




Progressive Jackpots in Video Poker are similar to those in Slots with huge sum of money to win collected through different machines. The opportunity to win megabucks through playing maximum bet games makes progressive Jackpot Video Poker popular among Video Poker followers.


What is Progressive Jackpot and how it works?

Video Poker Progressive Jackpot is basically a jackpot or payout which keeps on growing as more and more players play, investing higher bet amounts. Every time you play a progressive jackpot game a percentage of dollar put in by you in your machine/game is collected in the big jackpot pool making the wining amount larger per game played.
Reason why the jackpot in max bet Video Poker game grows on to form Progressive Jackpot is the fact that these machines or different progressive video poker games are all connected.

So every time you or another player plays a progressive machine game, a small amount of its invested money is added to the progressive jackpot money pool which grows and grows slowly and swiftly.


How to hit a Progressive Jackpot?

The simple condition to get eligible or to win a Progressive Video Poker Jackpot is to get a Royal Flush, while some of the progressive games have their own winning hand requirements to hit the big jackpot money collected.
When you hit a royal flush on a normal Video Poker machine game your payout is usually 800 to 1, but when you hit the same Royal Flush in a progressive machine of Video Poker you get the opportunity to win hundreds and thousands.
But the fact that hitting a Royal Flush is always hard makes Progressive Video Poker jackpot a difficult challenge. The best way to win the huge progressive jackpot amount is to play strong hand with more money.


Progressive Video Poker Machine

often the pool money of progressive jackpot is linked directly to a set of 10 to 1312 different video poker machines, which keep on adding the a part of the waging money to the pool.


Progressive Jackpot Video Poker games


Some of the popular progressive Video Poker machines or games to be played online are Jacks or Better, Double Double Bonus, Mega Jacks, Super Jackpot, Jackpot Poker, Supajax and Jackpot Deuces.

Progressive Video Poker games like Jacks or Better, Supajax, Jackpot Poker, Jackpot Deuces are all played with a maximum bet of $5. on the other hand, progressive games like Mega Jacks and Super Jackpot have their own betting rules, while the former one is played with a  maximum bet of $1.25, you can play the Super Jackpot with a $1 (USD Denominations)/£1 (British sterling).


Progressive Video Poker strategies

It is always important that you keep a check on the meter movement; it helps in applying the game strategies. Often the most important strategy is to plat with huge bankroll and to keep hitting a progressive jackpot machine with maximum bet per game, as winning a Royal Flush with less bet amount gives you only the standard Royal Flush payout amount not the big pot of jackpot money.

If the meter is going strong make sure you don’t stop playing, as with more and more money getting collected in the jackpot, you are only few games away from hitting a Royal Flush and winning the jackpot. Also, if you quit after playing a few games investing your maximum bets, you give your chance of winning to another player.

It is advisable that you play with a huge financial backup or bankroll to support you through the maximum bets per game criteria, because you don’t want to play long and give up in the end because you just fell out of spare change.
Lastly, playing with a set of friends all fixed at different progressive video poker machines can help in having a hold on the linked machine.